Daily Archives: November 19, 2012

World Bank Warns of Dire Consequences if We Don’t ‘Turn Down the Heat’

by EcoWatch

The world is barreling down a path to heat up by 4 degrees at the end of the century if the global community fails to act on climate change, triggering a cascade of cataclysmic changes that include extreme heat-waves, declining global food stocks and a sea-level rise affecting…

Ohioans Protest Fracking Wastewater Injection Well

by EcoWatch

A group of Athens County residents wearing hazmat style suits and respirators gathered in front of the Hazel Ginsburg fracking wastewater injection well site on Ladd Ridge Road in Alexander Twp. demanding that the Ohio Department of Natural Resources (ODNR) shut down the well…

Frack Fight—This Is What Democracy Looks Like

by EcoWatch

Today, that activist legacy is evident in a grassroots insurgency in upstate New York, a struggle by ordinary Americans to protect what remains of their democracy and the Earth’s fragile environment from giant corporations intent on wrecking both…

Share Your Firsthand Accounts of Climate Change on Sierra Club’s ‘Climate Comes Home’ Site

by EcoWatch

“No matter how high the definition might be on your screen, you can’t anticipate the scale of some disasters until you see them firsthand…

Guide to Greener Electronics—How Does Your Favorite Gadget Rank?

by EcoWatch

Every day, you rely on your computer, mobile phone or tablet to be more productive, or just to have fun. Gadgets can make our lives better, but the rate at which we collectively purchase and discard them is having a serious impact on our planet…

UB President Shuts Down Controversial Shale Institute

by EcoWatch

A letter from SUNY Buffalo President Satish K. Tripathi said that the nail in the coffin for SRSI was what we coined its “shill gas study,” the first paper published by SRSI…