Yearly Archives: 2013

Top 7 Captivating EcoBusiness Stories of 2013

by Brandon Baker

Whether the subject was a kale chip maker or an optimistic outlook on renewables, things seemed a bit greener in 2013

Climate Change Could Diminish Valuable Cloud Cover, Scientists Say

by Laura Beans

Scientists believe they have cracked one of the great puzzles of climate change and arrived at a more accurate

New Year’s Resolution: Refuse Disposable Plastics

by Laura Beans

Through Resolve to Refuse, the Plastic Pollution Coalition is urging people to sign a pledge

China Has 8 Million Acres of Land Too Polluted to Grow Food

by Brandon Baker

“These areas cannot continue farming,” China’s environmental minister said

10 Incredible Plant Facts You Didn’t Know

by Laura Beans

Out of tens of thousands of plants we could eat, mankind chooses to consume only about 30 of them

Fiery Oil Train Crash in Raging Shale Oil Boom State of North Dakota

by Brandon Baker

Despite obvious dangers, the state’s oil regulator predicts 90 percent of its oil will be carried by train in 2014

Extreme Weather Puts UK’s Hedgehog Population at Risk

by Laura Beans

The hedgehog population has fallen by 25 percent in the past decade in England due to

UK Energy Minister Calls For 4 Million Solar Panels

by Brandon Baker

Greg Barker says the government is sitting on huge solar potential

Fukushima Nightmare Continues as Homeless People are Recruited for Cleanup, Scammed Out of Wages

by Brandon Baker

Crime syndicates have infiltrated radiation removal contractors and are recruiting the cheapest labor they can find

Amazon Deforestation Threatens South America’s Water Security

by Laura Beans

The continued destruction of the Amazon to exploit its resources for mining, agriculture and hydro-power is threatening the future

10 Best Documentaries of 2013

by Stefanie Spear

I love documentaries as they have an incredible ability to educate and motivate people to care about the world around them. We need more people to be part of the

A Year in the Life of Greenpeace

by Laura Beans

With your help, Greenpeace has has not only reached around the globe to push policy and take direct action

Los Angeles to Build Controversial Solar Plant Adjacent to Former World War II Internment Camp Site

by Brandon Baker

The $680 million solar energy plant is just 3.5 miles from Manzanar, a former Japanese American internment camp