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Micro-living, or choosing to live in a tiny house, has recently gained popularity. Many popular TV shows captivate viewers by exposing life inside a tiny home. In August, a tiny house festival in Colorado Springs, Colorado drew 10,000 participants. Everyone from college students to single moms are building tiny homes. Tiny houses have even been suggested as an affordable way to house the homeless.

Reusing old shipping containers has become a very popular choice among tiny home builders because of its affordability and versatility.

Check out these six beautiful tiny homes made out of shipping containers:

  • The stunning blue color of this 40 feet by 8 feet shipping container is its original color. Photo credit: Chris Cooper

  • Notice the lovely rooftop garden. Photo credit: Chris Cooper

  • The floor-to-ceiling windows make the living room feel much bigger than it really is. Photo credit: Chris Cooper

  • This "Nomad" house can be built for you by Seattle-based HyBrid Architecture starting at $60,000. As you can see, it has a rooftop solar panel. Photo credit: HyBrid Architecutre

  • Though the kitchen is small, it offers plenty of storage space. Photo credit: HyBrid Architecture

  • The whole house is enveloped by a beautiful outdoor patio area. Photo credit: HyBrid Architecture

  • This beautiful home is in southern Portugal. Photo credit: Studio ARTE

  • The tree, curtains and sailcloth provide the patio protection from the hot summer sun. Photo credit: Studio ARTE

  • The interior has a very modern, yet comfortable feeling. Photo credit: Studio ARTE

  • This house was built using two shipping containers. Photo credit: Price Street Projects

  • The living room opens up right to the outside. Photo credit: Price Street Projects

  • The living room also has skylights for even more natural light. Photo credit: Price Street Projects

  • This New Zealand beach house is a dream come true. Photo credit: One Kind Design

  • Both windows completely open up on either side of the house, blending indoor and outdoor living. Photo credit: One Kind Design

  • The fireplace is perfect for chilly evenings as you watch the sun set over the ocean. Photo credit: One Kind Design

  • This house was built by DeMaria Design in Redonda Beach, California. Photo credit: DeMaria Design

  • The house even features a pool. Photo credit: DeMaria Design

  • And one wall can even completely open up. Photo credit: DeMaria Design


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