Stefanie Penn Spear

Stefanie Spear is founder, CEO and editor-in-chief of EcoWatch. She has been publishing environmental news for more 23 years. Spear works to unite the voices of the grassroots environmental movement and mobilize millions of people to engage in democracy to protect human health and the environment. She seeks to motivate individuals to become engaged in their community, adopt sustainable practices and support strong environmental policy.

Spear is president of Expedite Renewable Energy, a company that develops solar and wind projects in Ohio and helps companies through the many steps of investing in renewable energy. She works on energy policy on the local, state and federal level to help transition the U.S. to relying on cleaner, renewable sources of power.

Spear chairs the Renewable Energy Committee for Sustainable Cleveland 2019 and is on the advisory board for Lake Erie Waterkeeper and GreenCityBlueLake Institute.

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Charlie was taken from the wild, most certainly saw his mother shot and killed, then survived being smuggled from Africa to Lebanon, and has not seen another chimpanzee in nine years.

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Charlie was taken from the wild, most certainly saw his mother shot and killed, then...

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