Brandon Baker

To the disappointment of Texas officials and the pleasure of environmental advocates, the EPA denied a request to use a dangerous pesticide on Texas cotton fields.
San Diego is coming under fire for its lack of response to the state's request for an increased response to the drought. Photo credit: Wikipedia Commons

| July 23, 2014
Some groups are upset that San Diego believes its permanent water restrictions are enough of a response to the drought...
The proposal from the Department of Transportation would place a litany of new restrictions on crude oil trainsPhoto courtesy of Shutterstock

| July 23, 2014
The rules include advanced braking and speed restrictions...
Green groups were far less bullish than EU officials on the efficiency plan. Photo courtesy of Shutterstock
Sainsbury's announced a groundbreaking initiative this week to power a store solely with food waste. Photo credit: Sainsbury's

| July 23, 2014
The second largest chain of supermarkets in the UK won't drain the grid, thanks to this process...
An audit in Pennsylvania confirmed the obvious: the state was unprepared for a rapidly growing industry. Photo credit:

| July 22, 2014
The Pennsylvania auditor general confirmed what was never up for debate for environmental groups and residents...

| July 22, 2014
Ipsos MORI's study polled 16,000 people in 20 countries...

| July 22, 2014
See how Intermarché helped customers face the food waste crisis in a humorous way that saved money...
Livestock production uses more land than any other process, but beef production takes the cake for its strain on the environment. Photo courtesy of Shutterstock

| July 22, 2014
Beef stands far above the production of other livestock for its negative environmental impact...
Our planet broke yet another record last month, making it the hottest June of all time. Photo courtesy of Shutterstock

| July 22, 2014
June was the second consecutive month with a record high global temperature...
The Sierra Club and three other groups filed suit against the State of Michigan for letting this plant in Dearborn emit even more pollution into the air. Photo credit:

| July 21, 2014
The lawsuit was filed on the same day an Ohio company bought Severstal for $700 million...

| July 21, 2014
Officials say they aren't backing down to pressure from protesters and other activists...
Photo credit: OLC Fiber/Flickr Creative Commons