Brandon Baker


| July 26, 2014
It was a lengthy process, but Toms River, N.J. educated itself and fought for its water...
The State of Colorado allowed a company to resume wastewater injection operations at a well researchers believe is linked to more than 200 earthquakes. Photo courtesy of Shutterstock
A judge's decision favoring Colorado's fracking industry makes it clear that residential safety isn't as much of a priority. Photo credit: Earthworks

| July 25, 2014
The city and environmental groups listed as defendants plan on appealing...

| July 25, 2014
The two-part interview touches on Musk's other companies and what his next innovation might be...

| July 24, 2014
The segment shows why some politicians on both sides of the aisle have it all wrong...

| July 24, 2014
The League of Conservation Voters campaign airs in the same markets as upcoming EPA hearings...
The blood count of Japanese macaques was likely impacted by the 2011 Fukushima disaster, a new study suggests. Photo credit: SITS Girls/Flickr Creative Commons

| July 24, 2014
Japanese researchers compared monkeys in different areas and noticed considerable differences...

| July 24, 2014
Friends of the Earth Europe talks about key players in an "underground web" of shale gas...

| July 24, 2014
The president asked Congress for $615 million in emergency spending to help Washington State...
To the disappointment of Texas officials and the pleasure of environmental advocates, the EPA denied a request to use a dangerous pesticide on Texas cotton fields.
San Diego is coming under fire for its lack of response to the state's request for an increased response to the drought. Photo credit: Wikipedia Commons

| July 23, 2014
Some groups are upset that San Diego believes its permanent water restrictions are enough of a response to the drought...
The proposal from the Department of Transportation would place a litany of new restrictions on crude oil trainsPhoto courtesy of Shutterstock

| July 23, 2014
The rules include advanced braking and speed restrictions...
Green groups were far less bullish than EU officials on the efficiency plan. Photo courtesy of Shutterstock