Phil Radford

Phil Radford is an American environmental, clean energy, and democracy leader serving as the Executive Director of Greenpeace USA. He was a co-founder of the Democracy Initiative, served as the Founder and Executive Director of Power Shift, and is a board member of Green Corps. He has a background in grassroots organizing, corporate social responsibility, and clean energy.

In 2009, at the age of 33, Radford was selected as the youngest ever Executive Director of Greenpeace USA. Radford’s tenure at Greenpeace is best known for the Greenpeace team convincing over 100 corporations to change their environmental practices; increasing Greenpeace’s net income by 80%; launching the organization’s grassroots organizing and canvass programs; and serving as a founder of the Democracy Initiative, a national coalition of major unions, environmental groups, civil rights and government reform organizations working for universal voter registration, to get money out of politics, and to reform Senate rules.

Referring to one of Greenpeace’s campaign victories during Radford's tenure, New York Times reporter Andrew Revkin referred to Greenpeace’s campaign as “Activism at Its Best.”

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