Stefanie Spear

Stefanie is founder and CEO of EcoWatch. She has been publishing environmental news for more than 24 years.

Stefanie is dedicated to publishing cutting-edge news that educates and motivates readers to become engaged in their community, adopt sustainable practices and support strong environmental policy to protect human health and the environment.

Stefanie is president of Expedite Renewable Energy, a consultancy company that project manages solar and wind projects, and works on energy policy on the local, state and federal level.

Stefanie chairs the Renewable Energy Committee for Sustainable Cleveland 2019 and is on the advisory board for Lake Erie Waterkeeper and GreenCityBlueLake Institute.


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Every year, hundreds of thousands of giant spider crabs congregate in Port Phillip Bay, Australia to migrate to...

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A video proves that the Butterball turkeys aren’t as happy-go-lucky as the multimillion-dollar company...

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As we get ready to celebrate Thanksgiving with our family and friends, it's a perfect time to...

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Ten people were arrested today for blockading the gates of...

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Today on Democracy Now! journalist and best-selling author Naomi Klein joined Amy Goodman to...

| November 17, 2014
"Its been said that the wars of the 21st century may well be fought over water. The Earth's population has more than...

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“When you begin to witness the rapid changes occurring on the planet, rising temperatures, increasing droughts, the...

| November 15, 2014
"Nature's message is clear: we can't keep doing what we're doing now. Clean sustainable energy is crucial and...