Tim Palmer

Tim Palmer is the author of 23 books about rivers, conservation and the environment, including the acclaimed Rivers of America and Trees and Forests of America. His books, articles, slide shows to public audiences and lectures to college classes have reached tens of thousands of people over the past 30 years with an inspiring message about being engaged in the future and the fate of natural places.

As journalist Ted Williams wrote, “Tim’s tireless, eloquent advocacy for rivers and forests has made a huge difference ... I have long depended on Tim for information and inspiration.” And Rebecca Wodder of American Rivers said, “Tim is among the most gifted communicators I have had the pleasure of knowing.”

Tim has been involved in river conservation since 1970 and has received the Lifetime Achievement Award from American Rivers, the River Conservationist of the Year Award and other honors. Paddler magazine named him one of the “10 greatest river conservationists of our time” and one of the “100 great paddlers of the past century. He received the Distinguished Alumni Award from Pennsylvania State University and the communicator of the year award from the National Wildlife Federation in 2011.

For his writing he has received the National Outdoor Book Award, Independent Publishers Book Award and Director’s Award for the best book about a national park. His book of text and photos, California Wild, was awarded the Benjamin Franklin Publishing Award.

Tim speaks frequently to audiences and college classes nationwide and lives on the coast of southern Oregon.

See www.timpalmer.org


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