EcoWatch is a leading environmental website reporting on environmental news, green living and sustainable business. We educate and motivate people to protect human health and the environment through our NewsLivingBusiness, University and Insights verticals, and online store of thousands of green products.

EcoWatch is a dedicated platform for environmental news that helps transform the ability of individuals to learn about environmental issues and take action. EcoWatch provides timely access to relevant information that motivates individuals to become engaged in their community, adopt sustainable practices and support strong environmental policy.

EcoWatch’s online store features thousands of green products to help people lead a healthier and more sustainable lifestyle.

As environmental and health issues become more prevalent, it’s the media’s duty to inform readers on the most critical issues impacting the planet and the well-being of future generations. EcoWatch is at the forefront of uniting all shades of green and a leader in leveraging online news to drive fundamental change.

In September 2013, EcoWatch became a Certified B Corporation and joined more than 900 companies that leverage the power of business to solve social and environmental problems.

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