Breast cancer organization Susan G. Komen and fracking giant Baker Hughes have partnered to distribute 1,000 specially painted pink drill bits around the world.

This “Doing Our Bit for the Cure” partnership is pinkwashing. Komen claims to care about ending breast cancer but is taking money from—and providing good PR for—corporations that are poisoning and contaminating our air, water and bodies with chemicals linked to a range of diseases and disorders, including breast cancer. Shame on Komen.

Take action: Tell Komen founder and chair of global strategy Nancy Brinker to stop fracking with our health. Signing this petition immediately sends an email to Susan G. Komen saying, “Don’t Frack With Our Health.”

Dear Nancy Brinker, founder and chair of global strategy of Susan G. Komen,

We are outraged that as the largest breast cancer organization in the world, you are partnering with a fracking corporation that is poisoning our health. Pink drill bits are a pinkwashing publicity stunt.

Fracking is a toxic process—at least 25 percent of the more than 700 chemicals used in fracking are linked to cancer. By taking money from these companies and giving them permission to use your name, you are complicit in a practice that endangers women’s health. You have created a perfect profit cycle whereby Baker Hughes contributes to causing the very disease you raise money to cure. This is unacceptable to us. Our health is not for sale.

If you really care about women’s health, break your relationship with pinkwashers like Baker Hughes, and take a stand against fracking.