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California Coastkeeper Alliance
California Coastkeeper Alliance coordinates, supports and enhances the work of local California Waterkeepers to ensure Californians enjoy clean water and a healthy coast.

California Food & Justice Coalition
The California Food and Justice Coalition promotes the basic human right to healthy food while advancing social, agricultural, environmental and economic justice priorities.

California Trout, Inc.
The mission of California Trout, Inc. is to protect and restore wild trout, steelhead, salmon and their waters throughout California.

Californians Against Waste
Californians Against Waste is dedicated to conserving resources, preventing pollution and protecting California’s environment through the development, promotion and implementation of waste reduction and recycling policies and programs.

Campaign for America’s Wilderness
Campaign for America’s Wilderness focuses on achieving lasting protection for threatened wild lands.

Carolina Farm Stewardship Association
Carolina Farm Stewardship Association’s mission is to advocate, educate and build connections to create sustainable food systems centered on local and organic agriculture.

CarShare Vermont
CarShare Vermont’s mission is to provide an affordable, convenient and reliable alternative to private car ownership that enhances the environmental, economic and social wellbeing of our region and planet.

Cascadia Forest Defenders
Cascadia Forest Defenders are decentralized activists working together to stop the ecologically devastating and economically exploitative industrial timber harvest practices though community outreach, grassroots organizing, political pressure and non-violent direct action.

Catawba Lands Conservancy
Catawba Lands Conservancy is a nonprofit land trust that works with willing landowners to save land in North Carolina’s Southern Piedmont to preserve a healthy, natural environment for future generations.

Catawba Riverkeeper
The Catawba Riverkeeper Foundation advocates for the health, protection and enjoyment of the Catawba River watershed.

Catskill Citizens for Energy
Catskill Citizens for Safe Energy is an all volunteer grassroots organization working to prohibit dangerous hydraulic fracturing (fracking) since 2008.

Catskill Mountainkeeper
Catskill Mountainkeeper’s mission is to protect the ecological integrity of the Catskill Mountain range and the quality of life of all those who live there.

Center for American Progress
The Center for American Progress is dedicated to improving the lives of Americans through progressive ideas and action.

Center for American Progress Action Fund
The Center for American Progress Action Fund is a progressive think-tank dedicated to improving the lives of Americans through ideas and action.

Center for Biological Diversity
Because diversity has intrinsic value, and because its loss impoverishes society, the Center for Biological Diversity works to secure a future for all species, great and small, hovering on the brink of extinction.

Center for Food Safety
The Center for Food Safety (CFS) is a non-profit public interest and environmental advocacy membership organization who works towards challenging harmful food production technologies and promoting sustainable alternatives.

Center for Health, Environment & Justice
Center for Health, Environment & Justice mentors a movement, empowering people to build healthy communities, and preventing harm to human health caused by exposure to environmental threats.

Center for Neighborhood Technology
As a creative think-and-do-tank, Center for Neighborhood Technology researches, invents and tests urban strategies that use resources more efficiently and more equitably.

Center for Oceanic Awareness, Research and Education
The Center for Oceanic Awareness, Research and Education seeks to enlighten people, young and old, to the plight of the oceans, to change the way they think and act, and to encourage them to create positive and lasting change.

Center for Rural Affairs
The mission of the Center for Rural Affairs is to establish strong rural communities, social and economic justice, environmental stewardship and genuine opportunity for all while engaging people in decisions that affect the quality of their lives and the future of their communities.

Centre for Science and Environment
The Centre for Science and Environment (CSE) is a public interest research and advocacy organization based in New Delhi. CSE researches into, lobbies for and communicates the urgency of development that is both sustainable and equitable.

The Charles River Conservancy
The Charles River Conservancy promotes the active and innovative use of the 400 acres of urban public parklands along the Charles River from Boston Harbor to the Watertown Dam.

Charleston Waterkeeper
The mission of Charleston Waterkeeper is to protect the public’s right to clean water by defending Charleston’s waterways from pollution.

Chefs Collaborative
Chefs Collaborative works with chefs and the greater food community to celebrate local foods and foster a more sustainable food supply.

Chenango Community Action for Renewable Energy
Chenango Community Action for Renewable Energy (C-CARE) supports the development of sustainable, renewable energy in Chenango and neighboring counties.

Chesapeake Climate Action Network
Chesapeake Climate Action Network’s mission is to build and mobilize a powerful grassroots movement in the unique region that surrounds our nation’s capital to call for state, national and international policies that will put us on a path to climate stability.

The Chevron Pit
A blog maintained by the team suing Chevron for the oil giant’s human rights problems in Ecuador and across the world

Citizens Campaign for the Environment
Citizens Campaign for the Environment works to empower the public by providing members with opportunities to participate in the political process and thereby advance a strong environmental agenda.

Citizens’ Environmental Coalition
The mission of the Citizen’s Environmental Coalition is to foster dialogue, education and collaboration on environmental issues in the Houston Gulf Coast region.

Civic Commons
Civic Commons is a non-profit initiative that helps governments build and use shared and open technologies to improve public services, transparency, accountability, citizen participation, and management effectiveness, all while saving money. 

Civil Eats
Civil Eats promotes critical thought about sustainable agriculture and food systems as part of building economically and socially just communities.

Civil Society Institute
The nonprofit and nonpartisan Civil Society Institute is a think tank that serves as a catalyst for change by creating problem-solving interactions among people, and between communities, government and business that can help to improve society.

Clean Air Council
The Clean Air Council is dedicated to protecting and defending everyone’s right to breathe clean air.

Clean Air Promise
The Clean Air Promise is a national campaign to protect the health of children and families across the country from dangerous air pollution.

Clean Air Task Force
CATF is a nonprofit organization dedicated to reducing atmospheric pollution through research, advocacy and private sector collaboration.

Clean Air Watch
Clean Air Watch is a national non-profit, nonpartisan organization devoted to protecting Clean Air Laws and policies throughout the United States.

Clean Ocean Action
The goal of Clean Ocean Action is to improve the degraded water quality of the marine waters off the New Jersey/New York coast.

Clean Water Action
Clean Water Action is a one million member organization of diverse people and groups joined together to protect our environment, health, economic well-being and community quality of life.

Clean Water Network
The Clean Water Network (CWN) is a national coalition of more than 1,200 local, state and national non-profit public interest organizations working together to protect the health, safety and quality of our nation’s waters.

Clean Wisconsin
Clean Wisconsin protects Wisconsin’s clean water and air and advocates for clean energy by being an effective voice in the state legislature and by holding elected officials and polluters accountable.

Cleveland Carbon Fund
Cleveland Carbon Fund is the first community-based, open-access carbon reduction fund in the United States.

Climate Ark
Climate Ark is a climate change and global warming portal, search engine and news feed that promotes public policy that addresses global climate change through reductions in carbon dioxide and other emissions, renewable energy, energy conservation and efficiency, and ending deforestation.

Climate Central
Climate Central is a research and journalism organization providing clear and up-to-date information to help people make sound decisions about climate and energy.

Climate and Energy Project
The goal of Climate and Energy Project is to help halt the Midwest’s contributions to global warming and climate change.

Climate Justice Now
A network of organizations and movements from across the globe committed to the fight for social, ecological and gender justice.

Climate Protection Campaign
The Climate Protection Campaign’s mission is to create a positive future for our children and all life by inspiring action in response to the climate crisis.

Climate Reality
The Climate Reality Project is bringing the facts about the climate crisis into the mainstream and engaging the public in conversation about how to solve it.

Climate Solutions
Climate Solutions works to accelerate practical and profitable solutions to global warming by galvanizing leadership, growing investment and bridging divides.

Coal River Mountain Watch
The mission of Coal River Mountain Watch is to stop the destruction of our communities and environment by mountaintop removal mining, to improve the quality of life in our area and to help rebuild sustainable communities.

Coalition for Smarter Growth
The Coalition’s mission is to ensure that transportation and development decisions accommodate growth while revitalizing communities, providing more housing and travel choices and conserving our natural and historic areas.

Coalition of Immokalee Workers (CIW)
The CIW is a community-based organization of mainly Latino, Mayan Indian and Haitian immigrants working in low-wage jobs throughout the state of Florida.

Coastal Conservation Association
The mission of Coastal Conservation Association is to advise and educate the public on conservation of marine resources.

Coastal Conservation Association – Louisiana
Coastal Conservation Association Louisiana is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the conservation of Louisiana’s marine resources.

Coastal Conservation Association – Maine
Coastal Conservation Association Maine is dedicated to the protection and restoration of marine life for the enjoyment of all.

Coastal Conservation Association – Mississippi
Coastal Conservation Association Mississippi is a nonprofit grass-roots organization dedicated to the conservation of Mississippi’s marine resources.

Coastal Conservation Association – Pacific Northwest
The Coastal Conservation Association Pacific Northwest is an advocacy group for salmon, steelhead and other Northwest fish.

Coastal Conservation Association – South Carolina
The mission of Coastal Conservation Association is to advise and educate the public on conservation of marine resources.

Coastal Conservation Association – Texas
Coastal Conservation Association Texas is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the conservation of Texas’ marine resources.

Colorado Environmental Coalition
Colorado Environmental Coalition unites Coloradans to protect our natural heritage and quality of life.

Colorado Ocean Coalition
The mission of the Colorado Ocean Coalition is to be a unified voice for ocean protection by creating a strong network made up of ocean enthusiasts.

Columbia Land Conservancy
The Columbia Land Conservancy works with the community to conserve the farmland, forests, wildlife habitat and rural character of Columbia County, strengthening connections between people and the land.

Columbia Riverkeeper
Columbia Riverkeeper promotes a diverse coalition of people working to restore a Columbia River where people can safely catch fish and children can play in the water without fear of sickness.

Community Environmental Legal Defense Fund
The mission of the Community Environmental Legal Defense Fund is to build sustainable communities by assisting people to assert their right to local self-government and the rights of nature.

Compassion in World Farming
Compassion in World Farming campaigns peacefully to end all cruel factory farming practices.

Congress for the New Urbanism
Congress for the New Urbanism promotes walkable, mixed-use neighborhood development, sustainable communities and healthier living conditions.

The Conservation Alliance
The Conservation Alliance’s mission is to engage businesses to fund and partner with organizations to protect wild places for their habitat and recreation values.

Conservation Campaign
The Conservation Campaign is the only national organization dedicated exclusively to political action to create, renew and protect public funding for conservation.

Conservation Federation of Missouri
The Federation works to ensure Missouri continues to be the leading state in conservation policies and funding.

The Conservation Fund
Across the country the Conservation Fund works with partners to conserve land, train leaders and invest in conservation at home.

Conservation International
Building upon a strong foundation of science, partnership and field demonstration, Conservation International empowers societies to responsibly and sustainably care for nature, our global biodiversity, for the well-being of humanity.

Conservation Minnesota
At Conservation Minnesota, our mission is to turn our shared conservation values into state priorities and provide you with the information you need to make decisions for your family, community and future.

Conservation Northwest
Conservation Northwest protects and connects old-growth forests and other wild areas from the Washington Coast to the BC Rockies, vital to a healthy future for us, our children and wildlife.

Cook Inletkeeper
Cook Inletkeeper is a community-based nonprofit organization that combines advocacy, education and science toward its mission to protect Alaska’s Cook Inlet watershed and the life it sustains.

Coral Reef Alliance
The mission of the Coral Reef Alliance is to unite communities to save coral reefs.

Cornucopia Institute
The Cornucopia Institute engages in educational activities supporting the ecological principles and economic wisdom underlying sustainable and organic agriculture.

Corporate Accountability International
Corporate Accountability International is working toward a world where major decisions affecting people and the environment are based on the public interest, not on maximizing corporate profits.

Council for Textile Recycling
The Council for Textile Recycling is a nonprofit devoted to diverting post consumer textile waste from our landfills.

Cuyahoga Valley Countryside Conservancy
Countryside Conservancy’s mission is to work to re-envision and rebuild local-regional farming and food systems in Northeast Ohio.

The Daily Climate
The Daily Climate works to increase public understanding of climate disruption, including its scope and scale, potential solutions and the political processes that impede or advance them.

David Suzuki Foundation
David Suzuki Foundation works with government, business and individuals to conserve our environment by providing science-based education, advocacy and policy work, and acting as a catalyst for the social change that today’s situation demands.

Defenders of Wildlife
Defenders of Wildlife is a national, nonprofit membership organization dedicated to the protection of all native animals and plants in their natural communities.

Defenders of Wildlife – California
The staff in the California office of Defenders of Wildlife works to protect California’s diverse wildlife and the many unique ecosystems through public education, governmental affairs, legal work, habitat conservation planning, private land stewardship and outreach.

Defenders of Wildlife – Florida
The staff in the Florida office of Defenders of Wildlife works to protect the state’s diverse wildlife and wildlife habitat, with special focus on saving and recovering endangered species.

Defenders of Wildlife – Rockies
Defenders of Wildlife keeps wildlife in the western life by restoring abundant wildlife populations throughout the Rocky Mountains and Great Plains, prioritizing imperiled keystone species and advancing conservation of all native animals and plants through practical policies and practices and public support.

Defending Water for Life in Maine

The Delaware Riverkeeper
The Delaware Riverkeeper provides effective environmental advocacy, volunteer monitoring programs, stream restoration projects and public education.

Dogwood Alliance
Dogwood Alliance works with companies and consumers to change the way our forests are managed.

Dogwood Initiative 
Dogwood Initiative works to leverage political victories and find common sense solutions to some of British Columbia’s most pressing problems.

Drilling Mora County
Drilling Mora County are a growing number of citizens concerned about the impending oil & gas drilling in Mora County.

Drilling Santa Fe
The mission of Drilling Santa Fe is to protect the cultural, environmental and economic resources of Santa Fe County from the adverse impacts of oil and gas exploration and production within the county.

Drink Local. Drink Tap.
The mission of Drink Local. Drink Tap. is to create societal change at the level of the individual through education and the arts to reconnect people to local water around the globe.

Ducks Unlimited
Ducks Unlimited is the world’s leader in wetlands and waterfowl conservation.

Earth Day Network
Growing out of the first Earth Day, Earth Day Network (EDN) works with over 22,000 partners in 192 countries to broaden, diversify and mobilize the environmental movement.

Earth First!
Earth First!’s direct-action approach draws attention to the crises facing the natural world, and it saves lives.

Earth Island Institute
Earth Island Institute is a nonprofit, public interest, membership organization that supports people who are creating solutions to protect our shared planet.

Earth Open Source
Earth Open Source is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to assuring the sustainability, security, and safety of the global food system.

Earth Policy Institute
The Earth Policy Institute was founded in 2001 by Lester Brown, the founder and former president of the Worldwatch Institute, to provide a plan of a sustainable future along with a roadmap of how to get from here to there. EPI works at the global level simply because no country can fully implement a Plan B economy in isolation.

Earth Quaker Action Team
The Earth Quaker Action Team is an organization of Quaker Friends, and friends of Friends, who join millions of people around the world fighting for our threatened planet.

EarthEcho International
EarthEcho International’s mission is to empower youth to take action that restores and protects our water planet.

Earthjustice is a nonprofit public interest law firm dedicated to protecting the magnificent places, natural resources and wildlife of this earth, and to defending the right of all people to a healthy environment.

EarthShare is a national non-profit that’s worked for more than 20 years to connect people and organizations with effective ways to support critical environmental causes.

EarthShare – New Jersey
EarthShare New Jersey is a coalition of leading environmental organizations working in New Jersey and around the world to protect and enhance the environment by preventing human health problems caused by pollution, preserve and conserve wildlife diversity and habitat, educate the public and promote a sustainable economy now and for the future.

EarthShare – Oregon
EarthShare Oregon is a federation of 70 leading local and national nonprofit conservation groups that work to protect the health and quality of life for Oregonians through environmental projects with the objectives of keeping people healthy, reducing global warming and its effects and preserving natural habitat.

EarthShare – Washington
EarthShare Washington is comprised of 60+ organizations that work to protect the environment locally, nationally and internationally in the areas of energy and climate, recreation and parks, habitat and wildlife, pollution and toxics and building sustainable communities.

Earthrights International
Earthrights International documents human rights and environmental abuses in countries where few other organizations can safely operate. They expose and publicize earth rights abuses through campaigns, reports and articles.

EARTHWORKS is a nonprofit organization dedicated to protecting communities and the environment from the impacts of irresponsible mineral and energy development while seeking sustainable solutions.

East Michigan Environmental Action Council
East Michigan Environmental Action Council’s mission is to protect and restore land, air, water and diversity of life through informed personal and public action.

East Quabbin Land Trust
The East Quabbin Land Trust works to foster the sustainable use of our natural and historic resources for the benefit of all generations through the conservation and stewardship of the farmlands, woodlands and waters in our region of Massachusetts.

Eastern Kentucky PRIDE
Eastern Kentucky PRIDE links citizens with the resources of local, state and federal agencies to improve the region’s water quality, clean up solid waste problems and advance environmental education.

Eat Local Foods Coalition of Maine
Eat Local Foods Coaliation is a collaborative coalition of organizations, agencies, businesses and individuals interested in creating a shift towards a locally-based food system that is economically vibrant, environmentally sustainable and healthy.

Ecocentric is the official blog for the sustainable food, water and energy programs of the GRACE Communications Foundation.

Ecological Society of America
The Ecological Society of America (ESA) is a nonpartisan, nonprofit organization of scientists founded in 1915 to:

  • promote ecological science by improving communication among ecologists;
  • raise the public’s level of awareness of the importance of ecological science;
  • increase the resources available for the conduct of ecological science; and
  • ensure the appropriate use of ecological science in environmental decision making by enhancing communication between the ecological community and policy-makers.

Ecology Center
The Ecology Center provides the public with reliable information, tools, hands-on training, referrals, strategies, infrastructure and models for sustainable living.

EcoTuesday is a structured networking event for sustainable business leaders that takes place on the fourth Tuesday of each month in cities across the country.

EcoTuesday Cleveland
EcoTuesday is a networking event for sustainable business.

Electric Drive Transportation Association
Electric Drive Transportation Association is the preeminent trade association representing battery, hybrid, plug-in hybrid and fuel cell electric drive technologies and infrastructure.

Emerald Coastkeeper
Emerald Coastkeeper’s mission is to respond to citizen reports of pollution and adverse environmental impacts, followed by reporting permit violations and holding governmental representatives accountable for protecting our watershed.

Endangered Species Coalition
The Endangered Species Coalition is a national network of hundreds of conservation, scientific, education, religious, sporting, outdoor recreation, business and community organizations working to protect our nation’s disappearing wildlife and last remaining wild places.

Energy Action Coalition
Energy Action Coalition is a coalition of 50 youth-led environmental and social justice groups working together to build the youth clean energy and climate movement.

Entrepreneurs for Sustainability
The Mission of Entrepreneurs for Sustainability is to engage individuals, organizations and networks in the implementation of sustainable business practices that will drive new business opportunities and grow a sustainable regional economy that affirms and sustains life for all.

News web site that covers energy policy, climate change and environmentalism.

Environment America
Environment America is a federation of state-based, citizen-funded environmental advocacy organizations.

Environment New Jersey
Environment New Jersey is a statewide, citizen-based environmental advocacy organization.

Environment Northeast
Environment Northeast’s mission is to address large-scale environmental challenges that threaten regional ecosystems, human health or the management of significant natural resources.

Environment Ohio
Environment Ohio is a statewide, citizen-based environmental advocacy organization.

Environmental Action
Environmental Action was founded at the first Earth Day with a mission to protect the planet and all of us who live on it.

Environmental Advocates of New York
Environmental Advocates of New York’s mission is to protect our air, land, water and wildlife and the health of all New Yorkers.

The Environmental Center
The mission of the Environmental Center is to embed sustainability into daily life in Central Oregon.

Environmental Coalition of South Seattle
Environmental Coalition of South Seattle is a nonprofit organization that encourages urban redevelopment and a healthy environment by providing education, resources and technical assistance to diverse businesses and communities in the Puget Sound region.

Environmental Defense Fund
Environmental Defense Fund’s mission is to preserve the natural systems on which all life depends.

Environmental Defense Fund – California
EDF is making California an environmental leader through market-based policies that generate economic advantages.

Environmental Health Strategy Center
The Environmental Health Strategy Center promotes human health and safer chemicals in a sustainable economy.

Environmental Health Watch
The mission of Environmental Health Watch is to help the public and policy-makers address critical health concerns related to our urban and industrial environment in Northeast Ohio.

Environmental Integrity Project
The Environmental Integrity Project is a nonpartisan, nonprofit organization established in March of 2002 by former EPA enforcement attorneys to advocate for more effective enforcement of environmental laws.

Environmental Law & Policy Center
The Environmental Law & Policy Center is the Midwest’s leading public interest environmental legal advocacy and eco-business innovation organization, which develops and leads successful strategic environmental advocacy campaigns to improve environmental quality and protect our natural heritage.

Environmental Law Institute
ELI fosters innovative, just and practical law and policy solutions to enable leaders across borders and sectors to make environmental, economic and social progress

Environmental Paper Network
EPN is a network of over 100 organizations working toward the Common Vision for the Transformation of the Paper Industry and a model for collaboration that is being employed by advocates around the world.

Environmental Working Group
The mission of Environmental Working Group is to use the power of public information to protect public health and the environment.

Envision Minnesota
Envision Minnesota’s mission is to promote development that creates healthy communities while conserving natural areas, family farms, woodlands and water.

European Environment Agency
The European Environment Agency is an agency of the European Union whose task is to provide sound, independent information on the environment.

Everglades Foundation
The Everglades Foundation is dedicated to protecting and restoring one of the world’s unique natural ecosystems, providing economic, recreational and life-sustaining benefits to the millions of people who depend on its future health.